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Aastha - Breast Cancer Self Help Group, Pune

When one comes across these cancer-afflicted women full of a zest for life, one wonders whether they should be called patients at all. And truly, they are not patients but are “Maitrini” or friends. This circle of friends is ever growing and they keep laughing and smiling.

“Aastha” has helped replicate similar support groups in different places in Maharashtra. They have visited Nasik, Karad, Baramati, Dombivli, Kolhapur and many Mahila Mandals and many bachata gata in Pune. These volunteers guide and help these out-station patients to form their own group and to run it. They have no expectation of money, name fame etc. They do it free of cost. This is their selfless service. Many of them state that “We have learned to live life meaningfully only after having come face to face with cancer.” Cancer, they believe, has taught them to value life. They feel that every sunrise is a bonus for them and “Aastha” has helped them to fathom the meaning of “Life”.

Mr. Nana Patekar
“There is tremendous strength in one's mind. Great tasks can be done when one realizes this and harnesses this strength. Strong desire and will power can work miracles! The Breast Cancer Support Group is a living example of this.”

These women undertake “Home visits”. They visit patients undergoing the trauma of chemotherapy. They talk to them, advise them and narrate their own experiences. They remove small doubts and worries. They act as their role models. At times they need to visit patients who have had a recurrence; they organize “music therapy”, read to the patients, carry favourite food items too. They attend to the patient’s needs, their close relatives and try to boost their morale.

While doing all this, the joy seen on their faces is indescribable.


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