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Aastha - Breast Cancer Self Help Group, Pune

Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni
Dr. Kulkarni is actively spreading cancer awareness and extends whatever possible help. He perceives a definite attitudinal changes between those who frequently attend the support group activities and those who are not so very regular.

To create social awareness and to boost patients’ morale the group has staged two skits.

“CANCER SOBAT JAGATANA” (Living with cancer) is a moving play with a simple straightforward narration and the other skit “YAMACHI NIVADNUK“ (Election of the messenger of death) is humorous, yet gets the message across.

These plays are enacted by the spirited patients themselves and so are highly appealing.

“A group has been formed of the immediate family of the cancer patients. Their problems are different. It is like one extended family and the relatives also share their concerns and problems. By coming here, they feel good and get some direction. There are interactive sessions to deal with their various problems.”

Many individuals volunteer to contribute the mythical squirrel's share in this noble cause. The volunteers too lead a value added life by joining this mission. They feel that they can make a fruitful contribution to making someone's life happier and in the process; they too gain as their own life becomes meaningful.

By coming together, they contemplate upon their food habits, exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. The connection between the mind and the body becomes gradually clearer.

There is no restriction on which doctor to take treatment from. The patient members undergo treatment under various specialist oncologists and doctors.


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