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Aastha - Breast Cancer Self Help Group, Pune

Activities conducted by Aastha Self Help Group
  • The patient members of the group have traveled to various towns like Nashik, Karad and Baramati, and have helped the people there to start up such groups. They are always enthusiastic about organizing programs for public awareness.

  • The patient members also conduct 'home-visits'. They meet patients who are going through the very painful process of chemotherapy/ radiation. They talk to them. They almost stand before them as 'role models' of a kind. They clear any tiny doubts that might be present in the mind.

  • The patient members of the group have put up nine plays for public awareness. One, which talks about giving support to the patient 'Living with Cancer' (Cancer Sobat Jagtaannaa') and the other, which seeks to get information about cancer across to the common man through an amazing comedy 'The Election of Yamraj' (Yamaachii Nivadnuk).These patients have performed these plays in various gatherings, clubs and programs.

  • There are no restrictions on entry here. There are patients who are taking treatment from various doctors. There is total freedom about where one should take treatment.

  • The group also publishes a periodical once in three months. This periodical offers a platform for those who wish express themselves through writing. The articles range from sharing of personal experiences related to breast cancer to diet, new activities of the group etc.

  • Our group's patient members have been interviewed on TV channels such as E TV (program - sakhi) Sahyadri (program- Hello Sakhi), E TV Marathi (program -Samvad).

  • Since January 2007, our group has started a new activity called 'Lymphoedema Clinic'. Many of the breast cancer patients suffer from lymphoedema after the surgery of breast. This clinic is situated at Shreeyash Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana. Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni works as an incharge of this clinic.

    For the month of Pink October which is celebrated through out the world for awareness we delivered lectures in schools and colleges for their staff members and student. Also distributed self breast examination pamphlets. Sold pink candles and pink matchbox for fund raising for our group.

    On the 3 rd Feb we have celebrated our 6th anniversary of the group. Chief guest, Mayor of the Pune Mrs. Rajalaxmi Bhosale also actor Dr. Girish Oak and actress Mrs Asha Kale were present as special guest. All of them were very impressed about the work and appreciated the support group. Also we received trophy from Ruby Hall hospital for our contribution of the work on the occasion of 'World Cancer Day'.

    In 2008 for pink October we did many Awarness programme for "Bachata Gat" and for other workers too.


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