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Psychosocial Aspects and Care for Terminal Illness

Talking to Patients
In the words of Davidson –
“It is not so much the bad news that upsets a patient but the manner in which it is given

When the patient is comfortable, free from pain he is usually ready for other things

How Much?
In small doses emphasizing the positive aspect

It is the right of every patient to know what the future holds for him

The prognosis in a way that the patient is able to accept the imminent. Talking to Patients
Talking to Patients

Ancient Hindu Philosophy
Always speak the truth, but the sweet truth not necessarily the bitter truth

Emotional needs (More so in People Living with HIV/AIDS)
  • Loss of Self
  • Loss of Dignity
  • Loss of Control
  • Loss of Future
Spiritual Needs
Spiritual Needs

Spiritual Needs
  • Reflection on meaning and purpose of life
  • Think of God
  • Examine areas of Guilt, Conflict, Beliefs, Value Systems and Resolve them
  • Care Givers should give them Freedom
    • To worship
    • To receive Sacraments
    • To Believe/Not Believe
Obstacles to talking
  • He / she wants to talk
  • He / she doesn’t want to talk
  • She wants to but does not know HOW
  • He ‘appears’ not to want to talk but ‘needs’
Care Giver
  • You don’t
  • You do
  • You don’t know how to encourage
  • You don’t know what is best
  • Things may become worse
Communication: Patient, Care Giver
  • Maintain hope
  • Be totally honest
  • Avoid lying – even with best motivation
Respect his wishes
  • To know
  • Not to know
  • Try to overcome his isolation
  • assurance of Dignity in Death

  • Till then
  • motivate him to go on Living
A patient has the following Rights
  • Told the truth about my disease
  • Feel Bad at the bad news
  • Right to TALK/NOT TALK
  • Make my OWN DECISION
  • Treated as a Person not as Patient
  • To do other things – I Like
  • Right to Hope – Full Cure, Longer, Happier Life
  • Get Angry
  • Right to Receive FULL PAIN RELEIF
  • Right to COPE IN MY OWN WAY – not necessarily the same way a family copes
Communication: Patient, Care Giver
Communication: Patient, Care Giver


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