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Aastha - Breast Cancer Self Help Group, Pune

Cancer: The third largest killer after car accidents and cardiac arrest.
We do treat cancer patients by surgery, radiation chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. But that is not enough. Something is still missing. In spite of having strong family support, expert doctors, close friends, or relatives to share, yet the patient feels a vacuum. After a while all these friends and relatives get busy and occupied in their own work and life.

Aastha (Concern) - Breast Cancer Support Group, Pune
At such a time only one support remains and that is “Self Help“. This support is permanent, life-long and rightful. But it is not so easy. Only another who has gone through the same crisis and endured the same pain can really understand and they help each other to find joy again. While giving, one gains and thus was formed a Self Help Support Group.

“Aastha” is such a support Group with the chief motto of Self Help. A group of breast cancer patients bonded together with their own like pains. They share their feelings, talk to each other about their concerns and feel concern for each other. They invite experts to address them and clear their nagging doubts and worries. They share empathy and are not bothered by sympathy, which outsiders show toward them.

"Dr. Anil Avchat, Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni and Ms. Mugdha Yardi started this group. The Aastha Breast Cancer Support Group has been successfully functioning in Pune for many years now. As a part of this, a 'sharing meeting' is held every month. Sometimes, there are experts' lectures too. Also, there are some question-and-answer sessions. Various workshops are held. And sometimes, there are pure entertainment programs too. Everything, from the planning of these programs to their execution is done by the patients with the help of some volunteers.


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