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Aarogya Speaks to Recovered Patients

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Mrs. Iccha Parikh Mrs. Iccha Parikh
The world came crashing down around her. Why me? was the first question that cropped up in her mind. 69 year old Mrs. Nazura Sattar, a dedicated housewife who was busy tending to her ailing husband and running a perfect home was devastated when she came to know that there was a possibility of her being a victim of breast cancer. But being the down to earth person that she was, she recovered from her shock immediately and faced the problem squarely “I had accidentally come across a small lump in my breast, but not wanting to accept the bitter truth, I dilly–dallied till I finally mustered up courage to meet my friend Dr. Rogers. Dr. Rogers after doing the FNB (Fine Needle Biopsy) test insisted on a biopsy. The biopsy confirmed my worst fears. A mastectomy had to be performed!! The cancer had already reached the 2nd stage by then. After the mastectomy followed by 25 sittings of radiotherapy, I was raring to go.” Mrs. Sattar explains in detail.

Mrs. Sattar adds “The thought of being disfigured adds to the trauma. Here the support of family and friends is essential to pull through. Regular check–ups and a keen observation of any changes in the body is mandatory especially for women like us who have undergone mastectomy.”

Mrs. Iccha Parikh is another housewife who faced the same trauma 2 years ago. Discovering the lump in her breast accidentally she went in further tests which confirmed the fact that she had breast cancer. This very word at that point of time sounded ominous and devastating. After the mastectomy she underwent radiotherapy for 6 weeks. “I never imagined it could happen to me or anyone else in my family. One requires a lot of mental courage to get over a mastectomy and being able to appear different from other women. Meditation and Yoga helps me a lot to bring in normalcy to my life. A supporting family like mine definitely helps. As a result I am a happy person today, going for regular check–ups and keeping in tune with the latest trends in cancer research by reading.” says Mrs. Parikh who continues trying out alternate medicine alongside and is now wary of all sorts of diseases.

Mrs. Jasmine Coutinho is still coming to grips with her condition after the mastectomy performed about one and a half year back. Physically she has recovered well. But the trauma of having lost an organ significant to the feminine form has taken its toll. Initially when the doctor had confirmed breast cancer she did not believe it because there was an incidence of fibroid earlier. He had asked her to get a mastectomy done which a horrified Jasmine refused. She explains the doctor asked me to choose between my life and my breast. I was tempted to choose the latter but then the anxious faces of my family made me choose the opposite. It is hard to live with this fact, but I am trying hard. “Lauding the formation of a support group, she said” This kind of coming together of patients and doctors is just what is required. There is so much to share. For instance, I am still sore at the way a certain medical insurance company found some technical loophole and refused to pay any insurance even though the policy was taken in 1995, well before the cancer was even detected.

Mrs. Sattar, Mrs. Parikh and Mrs. Coutinho all share their belief in destiny. So ‘why me’ has changed into ‘maybe it is my destiny and I have to face it bravely and do my best’.


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