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Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment of breast cancer depends on how advanced the cancer is, the age of the patient, and her health. In most cases breast cancer is treated surgically, followed usually by some combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.

The standard surgical procedure for breast cancer was once radical mastectomy – total removal of the breast and the surrounding fat, muscle, and lymph nodes. However this has fallen out of favor now and is done in only very rare cases.

For many women whose breast cancer is detected early and is still localized, lumpectomy – removal of the cancerous lump and the lymph nodes under the arm – is now the preferred treatment. Followed by appropriate radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy, lumpectomy has proved as effective as radical mastectomy for early breast cancer and is much less disfiguring.

In cases where the tumor is more than 1.1 cm in size, modified selective mastectomy is advocated. In this procedure, the tumor and surrounding breast tissue are removed, but most of the muscle on the chest wall is left intact – which is less disfiguring than radical mastectomy.


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