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Quit Smoking

In a matter of just a couple of hours after quitting, one’s system gets rid of the nicotine within and all its by–products are flushed out in a couple of days. After about six hours, the heart rate slows down, and the blood pressure drops slightly. In a matter of about 12 hours, one’s system gets rid of the carbon monoxide it has and one’s lungs begin to function better.

After a couple of days, one’s taste buds and sense of smell gradually begin to improve. In about three weeks, even exercising becomes much easier and more air manages to get into the lungs. And, what is more, in just a matter of a couple of months, the risk of lung cancer is reduced, and the risk of heart disease halved when compared with that of a regular smoker.

Some people afflicted by cancer wonder if it is too late for them to quit at any particular stage in their lives. Well, the the good news for such skeptics is that it is never too late to quit. Cancer patients who stop smoking display a much better response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, have fewer side–effects brought on by treatment, and what is more, actually survive longer. They have fewer complications after undergoing surgery and comparatively reduced chances of recurrence of their original problem.

Smoking is an addiction with three aspects to it: addiction to nicotine, habit, and moods or feelings. People smoke for several reasons, and if these are understood and dealt with appropriately giving up would be more easy. Some individuals find it easier to phase it out and then give it up while there are others who have brought it to an abrupt end.

“Smoking gives me more energy” claim some. To deal with this, one could make sure he or she gets enough rest, exercises regularly and eats nutritious food. All this is bound to provide the individual all the energy he or she would require.

“Smoking is a pleasure” say others. They need to remind themselves of the health benefits that would accrue as a result of quitting and the money the addict is bound to save. These facts could give one pleasure too. Others feel “Smoking helps me relax when I am stressed or low”. Well, it would be advisable if such individuals learnt some relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises instead. Smoking never actually solves a problem. “I crave for cigarettes” lament others. This is due to addiction to nicotine and not easy to overcome. It would be better for them to give up completely, rather than reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke and phase it off. Withdrawal symptoms could make it difficult. Hang in there! These symptoms do not last for more than two weeks.

Quit smoking!!! Quit smoking!!!
Once one makes up one’s mind to quit smoking, one had better set a target date, and prepare for it. One is advised to begin a modest exercise program and start drinking more fluids. Get plenty of rest and avoid fatigue. Moreover, one must make sure one does not reach out for a cigarette automatically. One must make smoking feel uncomfortable, unpleasant and difficult by changing one’s usual place, posture, hand or even brand. Getting rid of cigarettes, ash trays, lighters etc. also helps. Besides, one could cut down on the number of cigarettes one has been smoking and perhaps smoke only half of each cigarette. Finally, when one stops, one would need to train oneself to learn to take it one day at a time and avoid places which are smoke filled. And last but not the least, one needs to ask one’s family for support.


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