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Activities of Support Group

Activities of Support Group
The Department of Medical Social Work, KEM Hospital
Parents are educated about the illness and its related things – Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and their related side effects. They are also given more information related to cancer and are encouraged to put forward their worries and queries to enable the social workers to guide them better. No aspect related to the disease is avoided or kept aside.

Fund Raising
The treatment of cancer does not only involve medicines and therapies but mostly some sort of minor or major surgery is often needed to bring the disease under control and to erase it totally so the patient can live a normal fearless life there after. And this involves a huge amount of money which is difficult nearly for all of the patients may they be from rural or urban areas or from well-off families. Long term treatments are ever a burden on any family whatsoever. Thus “Prerna” helps in collecting and managing funds for needy patients. We collect donations on personal level and also approach various trusts and institutions when the amount for treatment or surgery is of a bigger denomination not bearable by the family.

Diet Guidance
Proper diet plays a very important part in coping and curing of any disease which a normal person is not well aware of. Our “Prerna” group helps in informing and guiding the people in utilizing and procuring the exact diet needed for the fast and better cure of the patient.

Altenative Medicines and Theraphies
Our group also helps and assists in supplying the patient and their families with the various alternative medicines they can use while under going treatment from our hospital or other institutions. Besides the medicines and therapies given by our medical experts, often there are more things and ways to reduce the pains and agonies of the cancer suffering patients. Our group searches well for such alternatives and passes on to the patients.

School Adjustment Problems
As our “Prerna” group is formed solely for the help of cancer children, so comes a big responsibility on us to guide the family of the afflicted child in letting him have proper education though the child has limitations and handicaps because of the disease. Best possible solutions are advised as per the patient and case.

Emotional Support
When a child and a family are afflicted with cancer or any similar dreaded disease, you can well imagine their pains and problems. Often a family is almost shattered by the disease though it may have the financial strength to fight it. Neighbors and relatives are not of much help in the long run. Our “Prerna” group gives the patient and his family emotional support through good counseling, better approach and warm understanding of the needs and pains of the patient and his family.

Support during Hospitalization
Apart from doctor’s visits and staff care, more help is needed by a patient and his family to cope with the day to day procedures such as information related to bone marrow biopsy, mammography, scans etc. So our support group helps in explaining details and removing unwanted fears from the minds of patients and their parents.

Entertainment for Patients
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”…as the saying our support group also conducts entertainment programs and outings for patients and their families. Two or three entertainment programs are held in a year in our hospital premises. This activity has a dual purpose, a. to provide entertainment and, b. an opportunity for the patients and his family members to meet and get familiarized with the doctors and staff. A one day picnic is arranged, yearly for the patients along with their parents.

Follow Ups
Our “Prerna” group does follow ups of patients through patients attendance in hospital or through home visits and helps and guides them in one and many ways as may be needed in individual cases.

In these and many other ways as may be required from patient to patient, “Prerna” helps in treatment hospitalization, counseling, fund raising, emotional support and home visits to kinder hope in the child and its family and make a child live a normal useful happy life.

Home Visits
Our support group does follow ups of patients through their attendance in the hospital or through home visits. This helps in guiding them in one and many ways as may be needed in individual cases.

Prerana conducts these activities to kinder hope in the child and its family and make the child live a normal useful happy life.


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