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Prostate Cancer Causes and Prevention

Causes of Prostate Cancer
No one knows the exact causes of prostate cancer. Doctors often cannot explain why one man develops prostate cancer and another does not. While specific prostate cancer causes are unknown, research has shown that certain risk factors (such as age, family history, race, and diet) may increase the chances of developing the disease. Researchers are currently investigating possible causes. For example, obesity, smoking, and a virus passed through sex are all potential causes of the condition that are worth exploring.

Prevention of Prostate Cancer
  • Eat more low–fat, high–fiber foods, or foods with omega–3 fatty acids. Choose whole–grain foods, such as brown rice and whole–wheat bread. Limit sweets and salt.
  • Drinking green tea: Green tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols that may help prevent certain cancers and other health problems.
  • Hormonal prevention: Drugs, such as finasteride, reduce the amount of male hormone as a prostate cancer prevention method.
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Exercising more and eating moderate–sized portions and keep your calories under control.


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