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Thursday, Apr 15th

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DO'S and DONT'S in Hospice Care

1) Always tell the truth.
This is easy to say but it is not always easy for the patient to accept the truth. Yet we must be honest with our patients as telling untruths will make a patient loose his faith and confidence in his doctor. However to overcome this, we find the ancient Hindu philosophy very useful to follow. It says – always tell truth but tell the sweet truth not necessarily the bitter truth. Once the patient has full confidence that the treating physician is honest and frank, a bond of friendship and trust develops between them and this is most conducive to the over all healing of the patient. We have always to tell the truth in such a way that it is easily acceptable by the patient.

2) Tell atleast one responsible family member
All the facts the family should be prepared with full information so that they know how to handle the cancer patient to enable them to support him/her through good times and bad times right to the end.

3) Listen before you talk
It is difficult in our busy schedule to spare a little time to listen to our patient but the time we invest in listening to them can save a lot of time in talking to them because when we listen we know what we have to answer. We must therefore learn to listen carefully, think honestly and respond gently.

4) Never blurt out information
They are not prepared to receive. Eventually at some time we have to tell patients all the facts about their disease as much as they want to know. However the task is made much easier for us because as time goes by, the patient themselves learn about their disease from various sources and our job of telling them about it is made much easier.


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