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Support Group for Breast Cancer Patients

Dr. Deshpande Dr. Deshpande
To commemorate World Breast Cancer Day, the Ruby Hall Clinic organized a meeting of breast cancer patients. Several oncologists and surgeons attended Dr. Deshpande it along with several patients at the Nehru Memorial Hall on the 1st October. This was to mark the inauguration of a breast cancer support group. The chief guest on the occasion was the former chief justice of India Y B Chandrachud. Several speakers like Dr. Prafulla Desai, professor emeritus, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Dr S G Deshpande, chief of surgery at Ruby Hall clinic, Dr. S. P. Puntambekar and Dr. S. P. Deshmukh onco–surgeons at the Ruby Hall clinic, and Rashmi Chandruchud of the Indian Cancer Society expressed their views on the occasion. The aim of the support group is to bring breast cancer patients and doctors together for interaction and exchange ideas.

T-shirt T–Shirt
Dr. S. G. Deshpande recalls how he had witnessed a marathon organized in several cities of the US in which breast cancer patients as well as health care providers who worked among them participated. The runners were provided with slogan spangled T–shirts (see image). “Awareness about breast cancer has certainly increased. This is borne out by the fact that there has been a reduction in deaths due to the disease thanks mainly to early detection and treatment”, reveals Dr. Deshpande. He adds, “A support group for breast cancer can bring about plenty of awareness about new methods of treatment and drugs used to treat breast cancer among patients. They can also share their mental trauma with fellow patients. The support group can bridge the gap between doctors and patients with medical social workers acting as a viable conduit”.

Dr. Deshmukh Dr. Deshmukh
Dr. Deshmukh emphasized the need for financial support. He opined, “The support group is not directly affiliated to the Indian Cancer Society as of now. Basically, it is meant to provide information about the latest advances in breast cancer research. Moreover, patients can dwell on the side effects experienced by them in the presence of doctors”.

Meetings of the support group will be organized at the Ruby Hall Clinic every month. For further information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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