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Anti-proliferate and Pro-apoptotic Effects in Human Colon Cancer Cells

Anti–proliferate and pro–apoptotic effects of 2, 3–dihydro–3, 5–dihydroxy–6–methyl–4H–pyranone through inactivation of NF–kappaB in human colon cancer cells

Many natural compounds have been shown to prevent cancer cell growth through the redox regulation of transcription factors. NF–kappaB, a redox transcription factor, has been implicated in the apoptotic cell death of several cancer cells. This study examined whether or nor 2, 3–dihydro–3, 5–dihydroxy–6–methyl–4H–pyranone (DDMP) isolated from onions can modulate the activity of NF–kappaB, thereby induce the apoptotic cell death of colon cancer cells. Treatment with different DDMP concentrations (0.5–1.5 mg/mL) for various periods (0–48 h) inhibited the growth of colon cancer cells (SW620 and HCT116) followed by the induction of apoptosis in a dose dependent manner. It was also found that DDMP modulated tumor necrosis factor–alpha (TNF–alpha) and tetradeanoyl phorbol acetate (TPA)–induced NF–kappaB transcriptional and DNA binding activity. Moreover, DDMP suppressed the NF–kappaB target anti–apoptotic genes (Bcl–2), whereas it induced the expression of the apoptotic genes (Bax, cleaved caspase–3 and cleaved PARP). These results suggest that DDMP from onions inhibit colon cancer cell growth by inducing apoptotic cell death through the inhibition of NF–kappaB.


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