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Year 2010

Tackling Breast Cancer

Times of India
15 January 2010
By Zeenia F Baria

Breast Cancer Women
Breast cancer remains
the best cancer to beat –
approximately 87.3 per
cent of women survive
beyond five years
following diagnosis
PT speaks to experts about breast cancer, and how it can be prevented
AMONG the most dreaded diseases that affect women, breast cancer affects millions of women across the globe. According to Dr Anil Heroor, breast cancer is the most common cancer that urban women face today, even beating cancer of the uterine cervix (opening of the uterus). “A woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is one in eight or approximately 12 per cent and India will reach this figure by 2020. Though the disease is more common in the fifth and sixth decade of life, no age is immune to it. Women in their early twenties have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. In spite of these dismal figures, it still remains the best cancer to beat and approximately 87.3 per cent of women survive beyond five years following the diagnosis. Hence it can be called a potentially curable disease. Unfortunately, there is no particular causative agent for it and prevention can be only attributed to ‘risk reduction’ strategies,” says onco surgeon Dr Heroor. He says it is important to assess whether the patient has a general population risk, which refers to risk in women who are not known to have any medical conditions, family history or specific exposures that would increase the risk of breast cancer, or an increased risk that refers to people who are suspected to be at increased risk because of personal or/and family history of medical conditions or related cancers (eg breast or ovarian cancers).

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