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Man Survives Breast Cancer

Times of India
30 October 2010
By Vishakha Sharma

Banker, 55, says timely detection and treatment helped him overcome disease that is associated with women. Doctor says it is more dangerous for men as tumour can travel to chest wall faster
Man Survives Breast Cancer
If you thought only women can be struck by breast cancer, think again. A recent case in the city has shown that even men are vulnerable to this disease. And, according to breast surgeon Dr Shekhar Kulkarni, ignorance about this possibility can prove to be fatal.

About three months ago, 55–year–old banker Uday Salunkhe (name changed to protect identity) noticed a strange lump on his chest and approached Dr Kulkarni.

A cancerous tumour was detected in his chest and he was operated upon. "Around three months back, Salunkhe had come to me, complaining about a lump in his chest. Initially, it seemed to be gynecomeastia (development of female like chest) as male breast cancers are very rare and the chances of that happening are one in 100. But when I conducted Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) test on him, which is the standard measure to diagnose breast cancer, it turned out to be a cancerous tumour," Dr Kulkarni said.

"Since Salunkhe had approached me on time, his tumour was successfully operated on after which he received chemotherapy and radiotherapy to ensure there is no recurrence of the tumour. The entire treatment takes around six months for completion," he added.

Salunkhe said, "I could feel a lump in my chest, which was quite unusual. Since I did not want to take any risk, I visited Dr Kulkarni, where I was diagnosed with breast cancer and got treated for it. I am happy that I did not waste time and showed it to the doctor. I am happy that I have been cured now."

Talking about the occurrence of breast cancer in men, Dr Kulkarni said, "Men developing breast cancer is very rare, but people are not aware that it can affect men too. The diagnosis and treatment of a male breast cancer patient is similar to that of a female.

It’s highly necessary for men to know about breast cancer because the occurrence of this disease is more dangerous for men as compared to women. This is because male breasts are very small and therefore, the tumour can travel to the chest wall very fast.

The treatment is also more complex in men if the breast cancer is detected at a later stage and ultimately less chances of survival."

"Since men are not aware that this disease can affect them too, they ignore it and think that their chest mass has enlarged. If women can feel awkward about being affected by this disease, it’s obvious that even men will feel weird talking about it. Due to this hesitation and fear, they would not want to go for any examination. But this attitude needs to change."

1. Swelling in the breast region 2. Pus formation 3. Lumps in the armpits or breast region

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