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Year 2011

They Fought Breast Cancer and Won

Times of India
21 October 2011

On a Crusade
They Fought Breast Cancer and Won
Why me?” This was the first question that came to activist Devieka Bhojwani’s mind when doctors told her that she was suffering from breast cancer. But not only has she fought her own cancer, she has taken up the cudgels on behalf of others as well. Devieka found a lump in her breast during a routine checkup 11 years ago. Doctors assured her that it was treatable, but it only sparked another fear. “With cancers, they always say ‘treatable’ and not ‘curable’,” said the singer-actress. Devieka says she was saved because her cancer was detected early. She underwent a lumpectomy in which a small portion of her breast was removed, followed by two months of radiation.

She wrote an article about her experience. “At the time, people were shocked as there was a lot of stigma attached to cancer. They wondered how I could discuss my problem publicly,” she said. But the response from women was overwhelming. Three years after she was cured, Devieka started the Women’s Cancer Initiative that creates awareness and helps those who can’t afford treatment. This was triggered by the fear she saw in her children’s eyes during her treatment.


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