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Survivor Says Her Mission Is To Create Awareness And Build Hope In Patients

Times of India
07 November 2011
By Sruthy Susan Ullas
Bangalore India

Helping Them Brave Cancer

Keerti Tewari went through all the stages of a cancer patient–the denial, the depression, the suffering, the gruelling treatment. But these are things of the past now. Today, she is living her life to the fullest. Sitting in the AG office on Park House Road, her life is full of hope, for herself and for others. And, that has become her passion now – to build hope in others as they pass through the dark days of their lives.

Survivor Says Her Mission Is To Create Awareness And Build Hope In Patients

Keerti Tewari is the Accountant General of Karnataka and is one of the founder members of the Pink Hope support group that consists of breast cancer survivors. The group now tries to create awareness among women, especially patients, that cancer is not the end of the world.

It was in 2007 that Keerti was diagnosed with the disease. “The initial reaction was denial. I could not believe it, and was sure that there was some mistake or that the doctors had got it wrong. It was followed by days of crying. I used to hug my 9–year–old daughter and weep. I thought I was going to die. Even when doctors and family said that I would be fine, I was not convinced. I was desperate to meet somebody who had actually survived the disease. I wanted to hear it out of her mouth to gain that confidence. When I finished my treatment, I thought of the others who would also have the same desire and decided to speak out to them. I also realized the early detection of cancer is utmost important and wanted to create some awreness,” Keerti said. Keerti and her group conduct sessions for breast cancer patients on the last Saturday of every month at the HCG hospital. At these sessions, the breast cancer survivors speak about their experiences instilling hope and courage in the devastated minds. They have had talks on diets, insurance, yoga and genetic counselling (on the hereditary nature of the disease).


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