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Breast Cancer nearly Doubles in Urban India in 24 Years

Times of India
18 October 2011
By , Kounteya Sinha

Breast cancer cases are spiralling world over, and urban India is no exception. A recent landmark analysis of cancer cases among women in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore from 1982 to 2005, conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) shows that the incidence of breast cancer has nearly doubled in metropolitan cities. (See box for rise in incidence). On the other hand, cases of cervical cancer, which is the most common form of cancer among Indian women, is dipping—in some cities by almost 50%.

Breast Cancer nearly Doubles in Urban India in 24 Years
India’s National Health Profile 2010 predicts that by 2020, breast cancer will overtake cervical cancer as the most common type of cancer among women in India.

According to Dr Rajni Mutneja, head of preventive oncology at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi, almost one in 20 women in metropolitan cities are suffering from breast cancer. “Cases have almost doubled in the last decade, and nearly half of the patients come to us at the final stage when curing it is difficult,” he said.

A health ministry official said: “Till a decade ago, breast cancer was diagnosed in around 10 per one lakh women every year. Now, it has more than doubled to 23 per one lakh women. In cities like Chennai, the figures are troubling with the breast cancer ratio as high as 1:33.”

TOI also looked at the 10 leading types of cancer that women in urban cities suffered from between 2006 and 2008, and found that breast cancer accounted for a high percentage in each city. In Mumbai, 30% of cancer cases among women were that of the breast; in Delhi and Bangalore it was almost 26.9% while the incidence in Chennai was marginally lower at 26.5%. In Kolkata, it accounted for 27.2% of cancer cases among women and in Pune it was 28.9%.

ICMR has also come out with the “possibility of one in ‘n’ number of people developing cancer of any site” score. The calculation is age specific—0–64 and 0–74 years. In Mumbai and Kolkata, one in 14 women runs the risk of developing cancer before she reaches 64 years (See Risk Factor). Director general of ICMR Dr V M Katoch said that certain anatomical sites of cancer have shown a significantly steady increase across all registries, breast cancer being one of them. “This data will tell us how we can improve diagnostic capabilities,” he said.

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Risk Factor
1 in 11 women run the risk of cancer by the time they are 64 years. (1 in 8 by 74 years)
1 in 14 women run the risk before 64 years. ( 1 in 9 by 74 years) KOLKATA | 1 in 14 women may get cancer before 64 years. (1 in 10 by 74 years)
1 in 12 women are at risk before 64 years (1 in 8 by 74 years) BANGALORE |1 in 10 women may get cancer by 64 years, (1 in 7 by 74 years)

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